Morning Fuel

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Morning Fuel can be utilised at any time of the day – despite its name! By mixing with a little water or milk (hot or cold), use as your pre-event meal or shake.

Refreshing and tasty when mixed with water so an ideal alternative to your typical energy drink too… and you can make delicious on the go snacks. This is the most versatile sports nutrition product on the market.

It has been designed to be nutritionally balanced, is light on the stomach, is quickly absorbed and tastes great. Depending on your event/activity you could add seeds, fresh/dried fruit or a small handful of oats.

*We are aware of a print error on the ingredients list on our Gluten Free Morning Fuel – the ingredients sat Oat Powder (Gluten),  this is a typo, it should say Gluten Free.

Morning Fuel is extremely versatile and can be used to create fantastic snacks and pre-activity meals. Have a look at our Pre training / race shakes,  Morning Fuel Power Pancakes which are perfect for getting you going and also while ‘on the go’ – and our Morning Fuel Banana Flapjacks.

Suitable for vegetarians and used by type 1 diabetics.